Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something's Gotta Give

So my expenses have diminished since finding out I'll be laid off. Not dramatically so. But I've definitely been more mindful of my spending. In a normal month, my current expenses are totaling around $2,100, including paying minimums on my credit cards. 

Broken out: 
- Rent: $777
- Utilities: $480 
- Groceries: $300* 
- Shopping: $160 
- Gas: $75 
- Restaurants: $50
- Credit cards: $300

*I know!! I'm only one person!! But I am working on a plan of combining coupons and sales. I promise!

These expenses would change in the following way once I become unemployed: 

- Rent: no real change; could take in roommate though to cut all expenses in half
- Utilities: would cut out lawn service, home phone and cable, leading to a drop of $220/mo. 
- Groceries: going down with time commitment and planning 
- Shopping: decrease; even though I still need clothes, I am looking into more cost-effective means [Goodwill, etc.]
- Gas: would decrease without driving to current job across town
- Restaurants: cooking at home 99.9% of time; no more work lunches out since I forget to pack a brown bag
- Credit cards: no change

Yes, I have grappled with the thought of implementing all of these changes now. But I hold out hope that I will not have to make these radical changes in my life just yet. I feel I can cross that bridge when I get there. While I may just be avoiding the inevitable, I can at least cherish what few months I have left with my familiar ever-employed life. And my cable tv. 


  1. Keep up the good work! When I was laid off I tried to stay on the money wagon but I kept falling off for random purchases and attempts to stay happy. Good luck!

  2. Hmm. You're in a tough situation, but not an impossible one. I hope you continue giving period regular updates.

    Couple suggestions - I would certainly look into getting a roommate if that's a possibility. Not sure what exactly your living situation is, or if that's even feasible. But rent is a bit steep.

    Also, take this time and get your resume out! You're one of the luckier ones that at least knows about the impending layoff. Check out - or contact some local head hunters.

    Keep the updates coming!